De Havilland Comet. The World's First Jet Airliner

Author: Oleksandr74 Date: 2010-05-18 07:23:36

R.E.G. Davies, Philip J. Birtles - De Havilland Comet. The World's First Jet Airliner
Paladwr Press | 1999 | ISBN: 1888962143 | 65 pages | PDF | 35.25 MB

For an introduction and an overview of the world's first production commercial airliner, this is an enjoyable book. In addition, as with his other volumes, Ron Davies offers the reader his practical perspective, which in itself makes the book highly worthwhile.

Flugzeuge die Geschichte machten: De Havilland Comet

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Helmut Gerresheim - Flugzeuge die Geschichte machten: De Havilland Comet
Motorbuch Verlag | 1993 | ISBN: 3613015145 / 3613015390 | German | 134 pages | PDF (photoscan) | 60.58 MB

Inhalt: - Einleitung - Britische Zivilluftfahrt nach 1945 - Phoenix aus der Asche - Eine revolutionäre Idee - Vom Postflugzeug zum Airliner - Das Jet-Zeitalter beginnt - Die Comet im Einsatz - Ende der britischen Führungsrolle - Der Traum zerbricht - Comet 4 rettet das Ansehen - Die neue Generation - Comet und Nimrod bei der Royal Air Force - Ins 21. Jahrhundert - Technische Daten - Betreiber des ersten Jet-Airliners - Auf der ganzen Welt - Anhang.

De Havilland Comet (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 7)

Author: o_aniska Date: 2009-07-16 19:56:39

Kev Darling: "De Havilland Comet (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 7)"
Specialty Press | ISBN: 1580070361 | 2001 | PDF | 107 Pages | 20,7 MB

The graceful de Havilland Comet was the first aircraft to bring high speed, jet-powered flight to the world's airline marketplace. Unfortunately, it was also one of the very first civilian aircraft to fail in flight from explosive disintegration caused by a then marginal understanding of the forces and loads experienced by high altitude, pressurized, jet transport aircraft.

Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World

Author: enmoys Date: 2013-03-02 19:45:01

Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World By Sam Howe Verhovek
2011 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 158333436X | EPUB | 2 MB

Aeroplane Classic Airliner – The Comet

Author: crazy-slim Date: 2014-11-15 20:46:13

Aeroplane Classic Airliner – The Comet
Kelsey Publishing | 2014 | English | ISBN: 1907426736 | True PDF | 100 pages | 37,7 MB

National Geographic Seconds From Disaster : Comet Air Crash

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National Geographic Seconds From Disaster : Comet Air Crash
English | XviD MPEG 4 Codec ~807 kbps | 688 x 384 | MP3 VBR ~122 kbps | 25 fps | 53 min | 744 MB

In early 1954, De Havilland is at the forefront of commercial aviation, introducing the first passenger jet airliner to the world. On 10 January, 1954, a flight takes off in Rome at 10:31 AM to finish the last leg of its international journey, carrying children returning home for the school term, a famous BBC reporter and others travelling to Britain.
Approximately 30 minutes later, the plane disappears from radar at high altitude and crashes into the Mediterranean Sea. Authorities confirm that all 35 passengers and crew have died, and post-mortem examinations show unusual injuries to many victims.

AirlinerTech 7: De Havilland Comet (Repost)

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Kev Darling - De Havilland Comet
Specialty Press | 2001 | ISBN: 1580070361 | 107 pages | PDF | 68.93 MB
AirlinerTech 7

The Sound Barrier (1952)

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The Sound Barrier (1952)
DVDRip | Xvid | 640x480 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | English | 691 MB | 111 min
Release Date: 21 December 1952 (USA) l Genre: Drama

Tony successful fighter pilot during World War II marries into the family of a wealthy oil magnate who also designs airplanes. the movie traces the company's attempt to break the sound barrier, as well as tensions between father and daughter. Lots of footage of early 50s jet aviation in Great Britain as well as shots of the comet airliner, world's first jet passenger plane.

Channel 4 - A Great British Air Disaster (2013)

Author: Polik88 Date: 2013-02-26 17:14:19

Channel 4 - A Great British Air Disaster (2013)
PDTV | English | MP4 | 832x468 | AVC 1936 Kbps 25.000 fps | AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 khz | 47mn 36s | 659 MB
Genre: Documentary

This is the story of the rise and fall of the De Havilland Comet - the world's first passenger jet airliner. At the height of World War II, a secret committee of visionary British scientists set about designing a revolutionary new aircraft that would launch a new era in aviation. When it came into service in May 1952, the revolutionary Comet was an instant hit with passengers. But then, in the space of just four months in early 1954, two Comet aircraft blew up in mid-air, killing all the passengers and crew.

Encyclopedia of Flight

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Encyclopedia of Flight
Publisher: Salem Press | ISBN: 1587650479 | edition 2002 | PDF | 963 pages | 12,9 mb

This set presents an impressively broad range of information on more than 300 scientific and historical topics related to the field of aviation. Attention is given to all categories and types of civil and military aircraft, principles of aerodynamics, and mechanical and technical aspects of flying. Besides conventional topics one would associate with a resource devoted to flight and aviation, some unexpected entries, guaranteed to pique the reader, include Animal flight, Baggage handling and regulations, Bermuda Triangle, Paper airplanes, "Vomit Comet," Whirly-Girls, and Wing-walking. Relevant biographies of pioneers in aviation and profiles of major airlines are incorporated.

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